The art of pencil drawing can be a job or a way to reflect the interior of the artist.

Pencil drawing for beginners

Types of pencils that exist and the use of each.

Pencils may contain softer or harder mines. The less the number, the softer the mine will be and the darker the trace of the mine it leaves.


By making several pencil strokes you can achieve different tone effects.

Sweeping is a technique to create pencil sketches. This implies sweeping the graphite that the pencil has left on the paper, so you have to mark on the paper with the pencil from side to side and gradually more pressure will be applied until we achieve the desired tone, this method consists of creating defined shading and with a smooth effect, that is, without any damage, making it uniform, the truth is that a beautiful finish is achieved.


Cross hatching is another type of stroke where it serves to create infinite tones. It is done with the drawing of horizontal short lines, then the process on the horizontal lines with vertical lines must be repeated. Cross hatching is a way to create a texture insinuated in your pencil drawings.

The spiral strokes are used by some artists to draw the hair, although I do not use it, let’s say that for the hair or hair I have my own technique and I get a magnificent result, giving it a very clear finish, with brightness and shadows without sweeping or blur. It is as simple as applying strokes always giving the right direction according to the shape of the hair and applying less or more pressure respecting the brightness of the same hair, if they are dark hair we will use a white pencil such as a 5B, 6B or 7B and the parts where we approach the shine we will use a pencil with more hardness like a 3B, 4B, if they are hair with light tones, it will be better to use hard pencils even where some hair has shadows that are going to be very subtle.


It is possible that, with all these techniques that I describe below, you may have the possibility of constructing a more balanced drawing or pencil portrait to the human eye.


Quick drawing or sketch that is used to remember the characteristics of what is going to be drawn after, shaping the drawing only as something intuitive, showing the idea of ​​what the pencil drawing would be. It is especially useful when drawing moving figures.


To start test the pencil drawing on a separate paper. It serves to build the framing, composition and what elements will be in the pencil.


general lines that are drawn on the final paper, then will be erased to leave the pencil drawing clean, serve to mark perceptions shaping.


Contour drawing. It is drawn in pencil with more precise strokes and then the detail.


The shading will give a pencil and volume effect to the pencil.

There will be lighter areas and darker areas we will add more pigmentation or less as we see. The darker areas will be drawn by adding more pressure on the paper with the pencil.


A pencil drawing can have color or a drawing with color details, especially if it is an illustration (drawings that appear in books, covers, creating various techniques: watercolor, ink, colored pencil.


the errors or the strokes that we made to guide us in the drawing or pencil picture, can be erased, covering an area of ​​the pencil drawing with paint or drawing on it.


gives the necessary harmony to all the elements that conform it with harmony. A very useful and sometimes necessary trick to see it from another perspective is when framing the drawing, we will place the pencil drawing by order in front of a mirror, in this way we can see if the pencil box is well proportioned and with a symmetry; It is very useful especially with the drawings of the human face and in portraits.

Here we end with some of the most used drawing techniques for pencil portraits.

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