Who I am

Hello, My Name is Gemma Enguidanos and I draw feelings and unique moments trough a pencil, I define myself as a creative women, dreamer, constant and perfectionist in my work that I love so much.

When I was a little girl my favorite “Toys” was Pencils, put a pencil on a paper and express feelings transport me to another world. The inspiration comes in any moment or place and is when I go in search of a pencil to start doing my art. I think that there is nothing more beautiful than turning over doing what you like most by putting feelings, desire and passion. This gift I got comes from family, From my grandpa who painted precious oil paintings, transmitting those gene from generation to generation, passing trough my mother, trough me and surely will continue with my beloved daughter, seeing today their paintings at their 3 years old makes me remind my draws at that age. At my adult age I decided to study and dedicate to another profession that I like it, but one day I realized that what really makes me happy and I believe that I born was for the Art, also the joy and satisfaction that my clients transmitted to me even telling me that I get to their emotions with my drawings, this is a UNIQUE gift, wichis part of my life. Knowing that I have the power to get to their hearts when they receive my Portraits. My Motto is (like Vince Lombardi Used to say) “the perfection is not achievable but if we chase perfection we can achieve the excellence” and thats what i offer, excellence in anyway.

e-mail: gemma@lepetitpencil.com o lepetitpencil@gmail.com  

Whatsapp: +34 693703002


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