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In today’s blog I want to talk about very interesting news, related to pencil drawing, custom portrait drawing, creativity, art in general and how it benefits us.


Studying or drawing in pencil among many other techniques has beneficial effects for the human brain. According to a study carried out from the United States, they managed to demonstrate how art can change our brain and abilities.

Alexander Schlegel (one of the researchers who were part of this study or research on pencil drawing by request) and the rest of his team checked it by conducting an experiment in which they compared a group of young people who took a course in three months of introduction to pencil drawing and portraits to order in pencil (22 hours per week of practice) with another group of young people who did not participate in the course of art, creativity and drawing but another introduction to another type of course , nothing related to art. A functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed to analyze and study all brain changes and the following measures of their creative ability were taken.

First step, Creative Cognition or ability to think differently, create new ideas linking different information.

Second step. Visual perception or the ability to create realistic representations of the world.

Third step.

Ability to convert thoughts into pencil drawings, consists of the motor act of the hand, arm and eyes.

To assess this ability they had to make a series of pencil drawing gestures while they were in the scanner.

After doing these three tests of the creativity of the brain and how it influences the brain, they discovered that students of drawing and painting increased their creative capacity and this was associated with the reorganization of the prefrontal part of their brains, specifically of their white substance .

This white substance greatly affects the development and use of intelligence.

With which creativity, such as pencil drawing, pencil portraits is extremely important and is necessary for the little ones. Besides that they are activities that fascinate them, they work the concentration stimulation, coordination.


The group of drawing students also improved their ability to translate the observation of images of the human figure into drawing gestures. Brain plasticity allows the acquisition of artistic skills through brain changes in areas that are responsible for creative cognition and the integration between perception and movement.

Our brains can change with the practice of skills. It allows to improve certain skills or abilities such as custom drawing.

Let’s get the most out of it!

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