Why choose me as your artist?

I can get to the hearts of many people when they receive my portraits, i study the wishes and expectations of my clients.

What kind of portraits do I do?

Portraits from the picture you send to us, i will draw in pencil, to the client’s taste.

What happens if is not in shop and i want a special or personalized portrait? 

Any Idea you have, you need, just say it to me and we can do the portrait you are looking for, get your personalized quote, get in touch with me

How do i send the picture to start the drawings?

Send it to me by e-mail to lepetitpencil@gmail.com or if you prefer through whatsapp to the contact number +34693703002

How long does my portrait take to be finished?

Every portrait have their own story, normally no more than 2 weeks.  

Can i see the process of my portrait?

Of course, the communication is the most important thing, i will show you picture by picture the process of the portrait.

How do i know my order was received if i do the buy through the web?

We do International Shipments, You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once the shipment has been prepared to be mailed (always certified), you will be sent immediately an informative e-mail that your portrait is on the way, in this e-mail you will be provided with a tracking number that you can consult through the website post (www.correos.es), very simple, but if you have any questions please contact me throught the website Contact or throught Whatsapp +34693703002

Donde Obtengo los datos de la cuenta Bancaria, para hacer la transacción? 

Le Petit Pencil will provide it to you, in the halfway process you need to do the 1st payment of 50% of the quote and when finished and you like it, you will do the rest of the payment.

How much time does the shipment takes?

This is when we pack up the portrait, always well protected inside a rigid tube, the shipment its made throught ‘Correos’ in 2 bussiness weeks, being the charges of this of 20$ and always certified.

Who covers the shipping costs? 

The Charges of shipping are 20$ certified delivery and in the case you need Urgent Delivery the charges are 30$

Thank you for trusting us!

e-mail: lepetitpencil@gmail.com  

Whatsapp: +34 693703002


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