What they say about me

Portraits Football Club Barcelona

One of my Works was make an album of the entire squad of FC Barcelona in 2011

Lionel Messi, the best football player in the world get in love of their portrait in pencil and buy it.

I appeared in the newspaper ‘20 Minutos’ in multiple times, When they got interested in my work they wanted to let me be known,

I had the pleasure as well of being a participant in multiple expositions, like in ‘Starbucks’ in Barcelona, Spain, in where I get the interest of the public buying my pencil portraits.

I received multiple e-mails of clients congratulating me for my work with a lot of liking

At the same time I was working as a portraitist for a company with 24 professional portraitists, between them was I with 18 years old (the girl of the company, that was my nickname, I have won it logically because my early age) they gave me the opportunity to form me and make a lot of pencil portraits, later I decided to bet for myself and work on my own;

e-mail: gemma@lepetitpencil.com o lepetitpencil@gmail.com  

Whatsapp: +34 693703002



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