Portrait anecdotes

An anecdote about the history of the portrait by order occurs in the 19th century, perhaps at that time because of the quality of life that people had they used a different way of understanding life than we have today, they had poor hygiene people got sick very often, and many of those diseases ended in certain death, there were many epidemics and they spread easily, so many people died, by any age so this subject was not at all a taboo subject, so they began to photograph and portray post- mortem,by that time making a portrait of a deceased person was normal, it even seemed somehow romantic.

This whole subject seems macabre, but at that time the people lived very differently, especially in quality of life, to make a portrait by order was very expensive, so for the family of the deceased it was important to have him portrayed would be the last memory they would have of his dear human being.

The evolution of the portrait by order

Today the portrait by order is made for another purpose and from a more artistic or decorative point of view, and of course portraits by order of living people.


We began to make more variety of portraits, styles, such as the cartoon that has a comic, fun and casual idea.


Each user will opt for one style or another, however all styles have the same purpose, the similarity of the portrait with the person portrayed.

Another type of portrait commissioned even more current, and not well seen for some people especially with a certain age.

Currently many people wear a tattoo on the body so they want to capture itself on their skin in an artistic way.

Bestselling of the DRAWING by order

It has become fashionable to paint the walls of the house, design the walls with a particular theme especially with children’s themes, such as meadows with giraffe, butterflies, trees, or even children’s favorite drawings such as Nemo and the rest of their characters, there are many artists who are dedicated to that type of decoration, another equally sold or more would be the one we have named in the previous paragraph, the world of tattooing and the amount of people who tattooed a portrait by order, and for Last almost as sold as the previous two and my favorite is the portrait on request on canvas. Pencil, acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, etc.

What better way to decorate that empty wall of our houses with a good picture of your family’s face.

You will always have a unique decoration that nobody else will have something like it.


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